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What to take care of when providing images in escort websites

Escorting is one of the oldest professions in the world. It has survived countless tides of time. It evolved and adapted to be a part of the world in a meaningful way. Now, more than ever it is being used by girls and women to reinstate their power of choice.

If you are looking to work as an escort in a reputed escort agency in London then you can easily do that thanks to the connectivity afforded to us by the internet. First you will have to undergo a certain vetting process. It differs from agency to agency but the crux remains the same – whether or not they deem you capable or worthy of joining the agency.

Form fill-up

If you wish to join us, then you will simply have to fill a form with your relevant personal details like name, phone number, email address, gender, age, height, weight, bust and last but not the least, three photographs clicked with the specifications kept in mind.

Here are the 3 different kinds of photographs-

Full height photo

This photo requires your full profile from the front basically. Make sure to have someone take it for you rather than trying any tricks with your selfie stand and what not. You can be basically dressed with no baggy clothes like jackets and sweaters allowed. Just take a simple top to down photo of yours and make sure to look in the camera and smile. Also, make sure that there is enough light and your profile is clearly visible.

Face close-up

For an escort her face is her main asset. This is why we insist on looking at your beautiful faces in close up before we make the decision of making you a part of our agency. Also, facial features are important as they are the biggest indicators of one’s ethnicities. Our clients like it if we know the exact ethnicity. For this picture, you can take a selfie but make sure that your entire face is present in the photograph. AS this is a close-up, you will have to zoom in some and then click. Also, the lighting is very important. Don’t make it too bright or too dark. Keep it simple and fresh.


This is almost like the face close-up only not that close. You can maybe take this picture as a selfie without zooming in. Again, everyone’s camera is different and so is most people arm length. There. The main thing for you to make sure is that everything above your shoulder is visible in the picture. The lighting has to be enough so that everything is sharp and clear. Just not too sharp. Remember these photos do not require any make-up or dressing on your part. You can simply wake up and wash your face and click the pictures for sending!

All the above mentioned photographs are the only ones that will be required of you apart from all the other details required in the form. After you have submitted the form, we will go through our internal process and decide whether you can be one of the elite Asian escorts in London.

Here’s a few pointers for good photographs –

Be fresh

Don’t just wake up and click the photographs. Have a shower and if you can’t then at least wash your face. You’ve got to exude your true beauty.

Good camera

Use a good camera to click the photographs. Many a times a bad camera can mess up a beautiful face.

Take multiple shots

Instead of just clicking one photograph for each category make sure that you have many different photographs. Select the best ones only and send.


This is the most important aspect when it comes to photography. It can make or break the efficiency of a photograph. Make sure that you have suitable lighting for all your photographs.

Keep in mind the above mentioned pointers and you will be on your way to becoming one of the most successful oriental escorts or Japanese escorts London very soon!

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