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UK taking on Chinese high street

A lot of British brands are going to take on the challenge of a life time as they decide to expand their industry into China. This is an incredibly bold and courageous step from brands that are the likes of Zara, H&M, and Abocrombie and Fitch. You don’t usually see this happen as china is a very culturally different place to England, in Chinese culture there is a common stereotype that they do not see a point in a ‘middle class’ fashion line. This basically means that if you’re to shop, you only shop for upper class clothing (such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc) or lower class clothing (Clothing that usually doesn’t stick to a fashion). Due to this brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch may be set to come short before they have even started however your Zara’s and H&M’s may be set to make a mark as they’re great cheap imitations of high end brands. So because they target a ‘Middle class’ Audience with an ‘Upper class’ theme they might be able to create a sort of break through within Chinese high street fashion.

These brands have done their absolute best to hit the ground running by opening stores with some amazing attractions, being as British as possible in order for the cultural novelty to draw attention to it. But to what extent have they gone to? One store even had a collection of classic cars during it’s opening so customers in the shop were able to gaze upon various different Bentley’s classic and new Jaguars, Royles Royces etc.

No one knows how exactly these companies will do but hopefully they’ll do good so we can share our fashion with one another, hopefully getting to the point that British fashion gets more of an oriental vibe so it spices the style up a bit. But whilst we’re waiting for a change in culture then why not have one of our escorts in London? Our gorgeous and divine women are so kind and loving that you’ll not need to look any further for an ideal companion.