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The benefits of being an escort

Being a professional escort… you may have heard that it is a completely poor job but you’d be surprised,in fact if you think that you’d be baffled, the truth is that many escorts live very exciting lives and meet some very interesting people, do you think that you can take the plunge in to becoming a very upper class worker? every single one of our escorts had made this decision and they’ve never looked back. and look at them now! fine, gorgeous girls that are being paid to be beautiful. that is the life that we all want to live!

So are you ready to commit to being an escort? do you regularly think to yourself ‘how could you become and escort?’, well you become an escort by going on to our website and clicking on the recruitment page, just a few forms to fill in and then you’d be completely ready to start improving your lifestyle.

What are the requirements to becoming an escort? well that is simple, the requirements to becoming an escort are what you’d imagine them to be, no funny business no nothing, you basically get paid for being with another companion. no lies about that statement either, you let someone take you out to nice events, fabulous occasions or different relaxed times where you just unwind by the fire place over a bottle of wine. do you like to feel sexy and like to pick your hours of work? and on top of that, do you like to get paid really good money? there are absolutely no negatives about this style of job. unfortunately being a no male escorts company we do not offer the opportunity for men to become escorts with us, but girls how many times has it been now where you’ve been dating a guy and then he just blows you off? well screw him, be an escort and date a man no strings attached.

The best part is these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more plus’ to consider when working with us but we just do not have enough time to include them. if you want to start a new chapter in your life, a higher paid one, a sexier one, a more independent one, then enquire about working for Playful Asian Escorts, where are our oriental escorts are treated with the most respect and dignity.