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Seriously good food

I went to Nobu on baker St the other night, it was amazing, it is a traditional Chinese restaurant in the centre of London and the food was just to die for. I was very impressed by the starters particularly this is because they had such a wide range of foods. for example just on the starter menu, it included a house special starters, a sashimi selection of starters, a traditional, oyster and caviar selection and the coolest of all they also did tacos. it was a cool mixture of both texture sensation topped of with flavour and spices, it created a different level of enjoyment as for once I was able to appreciate the chefs fine work. Through the flavours I was able to understand how much hard work had gone in to his preparation and creation. for my main meal I had Wagyu Rump Toban Yaki with Fresh Truffles and it was phenomenal, never have I tasted something that delicious before, it was literally all cooked to perfection. excellent work, I recommend going with one of our gorgeous Asian escorts so whilst dining on a sweet meal you have some eye candy to go with it. enough said.

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