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Saki bars and restaraunts

Our elite level women are such high quality and so enjoyable to be around that they may even sway your opinion of social activity and night life. so why not have a taste of oriental night life with some very trendy and sophisticated Asian style dinners and clubs? because what are on the rise now are saki bars. saki bars are basically asian themed bars, saki is a style of alcoholic liquor which is sometimes known as ‘rice wine’. this type of liquor has a south east origin and is incredibly delicious as well as alcoholic!

A great place to go could be the bison and bird, the bison and bird is on clapham street and is a very trendy modern themed bar, why don’t you take one of our oriental London escorts to this venue and have quite a surreal mixed cultured night. there are live sports which are continuously played up on a 98″ plasma screen TV, with five additional 48″ ones. another great get out is the Cocochan lounge bar, it is a more relaxed and intimate area underneath a restaurant that has a staggering six metre long sofa and snug areas with chill out music blaring in the background. they produce some signature cocktails which will be sure to get you more than a little buzzed.

If you don’t think that’s really correct then you could always go to Gilgamesh which over looks a stable in the heart of Camden, this lovely little area hosts a gorgeously unique restaurant and bar. the Gilgamesh can hold up to a stunning 1,200 guests! maybe you could be swayed by Inamo, a state of the art restaurant wish uses modern technology to create a very special and one of a kind dinning experience. you have projectors for menus so that customers can order their own food and drinks, and on top of that when they’re done they can use it to find there nearest next bar to crawl to order their taxi home.

The oriental scene has burst in to London and won’t be leaving for some years so you may as well embrace it if anything. you have yet to try all of the different and amazing tastes and you have yet to experience all of their different traditions so why don’t you make a start with visiting on of these high class destinations with one of our supremely sublime oriental escorts.