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new restaurant opening

London is absolutely full to the brim with brilliant eateries and then on top of that now a days they are all owned by absolute A-class celebrities from all over the globe. somehow at this day and age the food industry is bringing in more people now than it has ever done and because of that it really does make the competition for customers high. but there’s one problem with the food way becoming more glamorous than ever and that’s the little man that it crushes, i mean not little but littler anyway.

you have amazing top notch restaurants around the town that aren’t always in the line light that will still leave you with nothing but good impressions. Take the merchant tavern for example, the merchants tavern is a gorgeous restaurant that has been built in an old Victorian warehouse meaning there is character all around the out side and the inside of the place. this modern Italian restaurant is full of absolutely cracking dishes for everyone. there is always a bar menu as well when you’re just having a drink and you’re feeling rather snacky.

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