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London Mela

This years London Mela is promiseing to be a Big celebration. The yearly event celebrates london being the biggest multicultural city in the world. Mela is a large event that incorporates all the cultures of london and brings them all together for one day of celebration. There are usually many attractions and things to do when the celebrations take place. All cultures will show case what they are proud of so expect to try new foods, traditional foods and enjoy the atmosphere as well as many other attractions.

The event is taking place in gunnersbury park. Last years event was extremely good fun. With what felt like the hottest day of the summer helping to draw in over 80,000 people to the multicultureral festival. Last year also saw many cultures showcase a large variety of foods and activeitys. If last year is anything to go by then this years Mela festival will defifnitly be one to remember. Dancing is also a great key factor at this festival and this year will be no exeption with many new dancers gracing the stage and many different styles of dancing including Break Dancing and Bangra dancing.

Amoungst all the music dancing and great food there will also be special performances of art, including live stage drumming from The Red Poppies and live stage shows from The possesion. Also on board are playwrites favorate “over the garden fence” which a short story about two gardeners with to very different views on what a garden should look like, It ends with a exciting turn for one of the them.

The festival is yet to have its official date announced but it should be sometime in august or early september. Make sure you book your Playful Asian Escort so that you have relevant company when you go to enjoy the festivals activeitys. We can assure you that you won’t regret going and we can assure that your escort experience will only heightend by going to this festival.