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Enjoying Outdoor Films

Outdoor Cinemas are now londons biggest tourist attraction. Because so many cinemas now charge an extortionate amount for entry and then charge further for drinks and food its no wonder that outdoor cinema events have become so popular. We admit you pay a little more than a standard ticket btu you dont have to pay for food or drink as youi bring your own. You can enjoy beers and wines at your convenience

There are many locations within the capital where you can go and enjoy an out door cinema experience. Firstly the main hotspot for outdoor cinema watching is somerset house which is close by to strand and Baker street. The outdoor screen is placed agaisnt the house itself so that people can sit against the sun to watch the movie. The next best place to go and check out an outdoor film festival is The scoop. This sunken concrete ampitheatre is the perfect host for many film goers and whats more its totally free. It seats more people than a standard cinema and plays the biggest films of the year including Skyfall and Les Misrables.

Finally this year sees the first official Hyde Park festival where the Rolling Stones will be playing. Along with all the music  there will be three seperate showings of three different films. one showing of War Horse. One showing of Jungle Book and one showing of The Avengers.

Make the best of the british summer by taking your escort out to to one of the many screen showings across london. We guarantee a brilliant experience.