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Why do you need to Listen, Think & Speak attitude?

Listen, Think & Speak attitude in a strong relationship

Whether you are in a short-term relationship or you are in a relationship with the woman of your dreams, it goes without saying that you will need some help. There is not a single person out there who says that relationships are easy to maintain.

Disagreements, arguments, fights and other things including jealousy may ruin your relationship with people that you like. While the world is a fast-moving place, we, as people are quite afraid of coming out of our comfort zones and this has led us to lead unsatisfying lives.

Even when we are with our partners, it becomes hard for us to find happiness, as we fail to do certain things. Elementary things such as listening, thinking and speaking are hard for us, which leads us to misunderstand the people we are with.

If you too are suffering from a backlog in your relationships or you wish to make the most out of your lives as a couple, here are some relationship tips for you:

  • Listen: Listening is one of the basic and the fundamental elements of your relationship with a person. You need to be a person who can understand things. Now think of a scenario where you are with your loved one, and they are speaking their hearts out.
    Now, if you do not listen to them, it would make them sad, and you know it. The best way to keep yourselves happy in a relationship is to lend an ear to someone. Help the other person to be understood, ask them to listen to you in return as well.
    When two people listen to each other and make it a point to hear each other out, the innumerable misunderstandings and other things simply disappear. There are hardly any issues left to talk about.
  • Think: Humans have the tendency to think a lot. Without meaning to do anything, men and women both love thinking about things. However, most times our thinking makes things worse for us rather than making our situations easier Considering the ambit of our issues, here is what happens when we let our mind loose, we think about every possible negative aspect and let it change our present.
    Sure there would be things that bother you, and there will always be something that you do not like, but a constructive way of thinking is the way to go about it. With a sound mind and an unbiased perspective, you could look at the situation and make the most out of your situation.
    Think about what is happening and why it is, and come up with a polite way of discussing your problems.
  • Speak: After listening and thinking, your next step is to speak. Speaking does not simply mean that you vomit everything out. You should wait out and make sure that you have something nice to add to the conversation. Do not be bitter with your partner; this will only create a rift between the two of you.
    Speak your mind and heart but remember to respect the other person as well. Master the art of speaking without hurting people to put your point forth and be understood.

A relationship is more than just about two people deciding to stay together. With many things to worry a couple, there is hardly anybody who does not have fights with their partner. However, the perfect fix to this is to listen, think and speak.

Listening, thinking and speaking, in the same order, will not only help you maintain relationships but will show you how people change the moment you give them some space and are respectful of them. The three pillars of any relationship are always listening, thinking and speaking.

Each act standing for a different aspect gives birth to an unmatched understanding at the end. Whether it is a friend or a partner, you’d find that your life becomes so easier when you begin to practise the art of listening, thinking and speaking constructively.

Find the time to listen to what your close ones say, take the time to think about what they actually mean and then speak about how you felt after what they did to maintain a healthy relationship.

Posted by- Playful Asian Escorts