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Find duo escorts in Marylebone, London

One of the finest and foremost cities of the world, London has been at the centre of some of the biggest revolutions and political upheavals of the world! Naturally, it has undergone many different changes over the years and many businesses have risen and fallen due to those very changes.

The business of escorting is one of the oldest business in the world. Some theories suggest that it has been in existence since much before Christ! Thanks to its knack for staying on top of trends, it has come this far.

Nowadays duo escorts are in vogue. That is understandable also, because two is better than one, especially with our gorgeous and talented duo escorts. They will tag team you into submitting to your wildest erotic fantasies and wishes! Here are some of the services that our duo escorts Marylebone provide –

  1. Doggy style – There are numerous research pages written on this single position. It has captured the hearts and minds of copulating couples since many years now. The position is extremely pleasurable for men and if done correctly then it has the power to be just as pleasurable for women. Our escorts list this as one of their absolute all-time favourites. You can do so much using this position with duo escorts! Get creative!
  2. Prone bone – This position requires the woman to lay down face forward with the whole body lying flat on the surface. The man then has to straddle the woman on her buttocks and penetrate from behind. It is one of the most pleasurable positions for men simply because of the angle at which their member is when they penetrate. Use this and get wild with our duo escorts.
  3. Spooning– This is a very intimate and sensual position as opposed to the other ones which are wilder and definitely less understated than this one. You make love in this position when you want to feel love and serenity. It basically requires the man to spoon the woman from behind sideways and then lower his abdomen to penetrate from underneath. The escorts cited this as one of their favourites because it gives them a sense of intimacy that lacks in most other positions. This is great for duo escorts as you can spoon one of them while the other spoons you!
  4. Cowgirl – This position has long been considered to be the most position for women to make love. Because of the angle at which the genitals of the man penetrate those of the woman, this position turns excitement up many notches for women. Basically this position requires the female to straddle the man as if on a horse while the man penetrates her from underneath. This does require quite a lot of leg strength for both the man and the woman. With our duo escorts there are quite a few combination of this that you can try!
  5. Reverse cowgirl – This position is almost identical to the cowgirl except for this one the girl has to face the man instead of facing away. This gives the position a more intimate vibe than just plain cowgirl. You can also indulge in fingering your partner while you’re at it to increase the sense of pleasure manifold. It goes without saying that this position is usually accompanied by lots and lots of kissing. Since it is duo escorts we are talking about, you will have even more kissing involved!
  6. Standing up – It’s time for the guys to flex their hopefully well-built and strong arms. This position requires the man to pick up the girl in his hand and then penetrate her while carrying her and standing. Needless to say that requires a lot of strength to successfully make love in this position over a considerable period of time. The escorts say that they like it because they get to see the strength of their clients in action. You’ll require even more strength with our duo escorts! Obviously you’ll have to take turns with the both of them.

Al of the above mentioned positions are some of the most favoured by our magnificent duo oriental escort Marylebone. So next time when you book our duo escorts, make sure to try some of these positions! Enjoy and have fun with our talented and gorgeous duo escorts!