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Two more days!

Two more days!

Here comes the countdown now, it’s come to the 23rd and people can’t be more festive. But I suppose there’s one thing missing on the run up, where is the snow? Why isn’t there any snow around this Christmas? What can we do to make up for it should be the main question. Well I wouldn’t panic about that as the loving and compassionate people at Playful Asian will always be here for everything you need. Why would you want to go anywhere else when you’re assured the most quality of sessions with our loving and very professional escorts. There’s nothing else that you’d need as long as you have the company of one of Playful Asians companions. Where else would you rather ago? You know that when you go to a session with one of our Oriental escorts in London you won’t be hassled around. The only thing that you should expect is pleasure.

So get yourself a booking this Christmas. Order one of our incredibly intelligent and divine escorts this Christmas, the opportunity of a life time lies right in front of you so don’t pass it up. On top of this if you’d rather spend Christmas with other people rather than our escorts then that’s fine, you can always book one of our girls for new years. Wouldn’t it be good to know that you’ve got someone to kiss at midnight. You don’t need to rush around finding someone and on top of that you know that they’re going to be drop dead beautiful. Book a new years treat in the form of one of our addon solutions to your london life.

So you know what we have to offer, the balls in your court! Contact Playful Asian and have a look at their Japanese and Chinese escorts in London. You know that you wouldn’t want to leave these girls once you’ve seen them. You’d fall in love with their petite and slender yet curvaceous and toned bodies. Call Playful now.

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