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Top 10 unspoken rules in the U.K

top 10 unspoken rules in the U.K

The English are reputed for their long list of rules and etiquettes that are polite, as well as humorous, at the same time. The lists for proper manners while in the UK can be never-ending, and one can only learn the matter over time.

If you are new to the country as an escort, it may be a little overwhelming, as saying the wrong thing at the wrong place can have severe implications, not to mention embarrassment, as the unwritten rules of British culture are complex and complicated. 

  1. Small Talk

There is no clear understanding of why the British enjoy indulging in small talk; it is often termed as polite procrastination before the real conversation takes place. However, you can be sure that most British people will understand and agree with this.

  1. Dry Humor

British people have a dry wit, and any conversation can take a turn, at any time. If you doubt the genuineness of the comment or response, presume irony.

  1. Taking a Mick (piss)

British people hate to be taken seriously, and it important to remember not to be earnest and feign sincerity. 

  1. Restrain

It is a well-known fact that the British people are severely distant. They do not like to show an emotional response to anything; the attention deflection maneuvers, however, it does not compensate for the class system, which can be exhausting.

  1. Understated

London is exorbitant as a city; however, it will be impossible to notice that by simply looking around. The British like understated elegance, which belies the social class distinction, which is common in the country.

  1. Ambiguous

The British may be known for their polite banter; however, it kills all conversation. Direct questions can have evasive answers. One must read between the lines to understand the full implication of each statement.

  1. Competitiveness

Competitiveness is common in the country, although the English know how to not say that in your face. Be ready to compete in a healthy manner with other London escorts.

  1. Nationalistic

They are also known to be nationalistic and oftentimes, xenophobes. But they do love escorts from all over the world, especially Asian escorts.

  1. None of the above

The new version of schizophrenic British takes the shape of Reluctant Modernizer” or “Frantic Modernizer,” and hence, they prefer not to conform to rules. Confusing, isn’t it? Welcome to the UK!

  1. Geography

They mind if you do not understand the geography of the country and the United Kingdom. So, educate yourself.

Escorting is misunderstood as a profession, with many believing that it is one and the same thing as hiring a girl off the road; however, that is far from the truth. The same people are often, badly behaved or inadvertently make the wrong move at an unsuitable time. Most escorts are aware of the unspoken rules in the UK and act accordingly with their clients, and also otherwise.

The majority of the London escorts, whether independently or working with an escort agency, is well-read, and educated; they are charming with great personalities, making them great companions for long travels, weekends together for social events and so on, besides erotic pleasures that they are renowned for. So, what are the unwritten rules of being British? You can read between the lines for a clearer understanding.