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Summer days drifting away!


With the fall of summer and the rise of a much colder season. it’s high time to pack it in, go back to the houses and hibernate for the winter and return on a sunnier day ……. Hell No!

Here at Playful Asian we’re not going to let a bit of bad weather rain on our parade! our gorgeous oriental escorts are still just as excited to go out. Just because it’s getting colder it doesn’t means we need to act like pansies about it all, don’t let cold weather put your social life to a standstill. Fair enough you wish it was sunnier because you can do a lot more weather permitting things in it. but as cruel as it may be, we Brits must do what we do best, and that’s keep a stiff upper lip and keep marching. There are many attractions still around London, regardless of the weather being down. There are many reasons why you should visit London once in a life. So go out and bare the weather and you’ll be sure enough to have a good time. The Ronnie Scotts’ jazz club is one of those clubs that shows amazing live music and serves equally as impressive grub, they have many guests who are specialists in music, playing classic, smooth soul and jazz whilst you chow down on a meal. Still not impressed? well this is a night worth remembering, what about iconic music legend and co-founder of the epic band pink floyd? that’s right, none other than Roger Waters playing at the Wembley stadium. you best hurry up and find tickets or before you know it they will be all gone. Okay what about if music isn’t the right angle, are you looking for something a bit more cosy and possibly more classy? If you’re looking for a nice sit down, wine and dine meal then look no further than the Cinnamon Club that is situated right in the heart of Westminster. The fabulous restaurant serves up brilliant Indian cuisine which surpasses authenticity. The Cinnamon Club presents their meals in immaculate condition which is perfect down to every little set piece.

Of course the weather is going to be horrid it’s England. and of course it’s going to restrict us from doing a few things however don’t let it restrict you from going out and enjoying life! Our playful Asian escorts always have a great time when they’re out and make a fun night out of anything. So weather it is a quick one hour meet up or an all-night affair, book a playful Asian and make the most of the poor weather.