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Space Travel!?

Space Travel!?

With new news into technological advancements into to travel we are looking into a bright future of transportation, how you ask? well, flying is such a daunting experience, it’s quite scary experiencing flying and it takes a little bit too long as well for my liking, imagine taking a trip down to Australia, that takes 24 hours to get flung over there. Imagine if it was shorter, imagine how easy it’d be if it was only three hours. well multi billionaire Richard Branson (owner of virgin) has been looking into some very big things with even bigger prospects.

Yes Mr. Branson and virgin galactic have been looking at how to make flying a much more fast and efficient journey. They now believe they have the technology to make their super-fast passenger jet fly from London to Sydney in as little as two and a half hours. This is done by using the virgin crafts innovative ability to fly at the very edge of space in order to cover such incredible amounts of distance in such little amounts of time. Richard has joined up with Mark Burnett, a producer and will create a reality T.V. show that will send one lucky winner into orbit!

The virgin Space Ship 2 has already been said to be taking passengers on and putting them to the edge of space by next year, already more than 580 people have signed up but hold your horses as a ticket may cost at least £200,000! the craft has been built to carry six passengers and is taken by a large aircraft to an altitude of 46,000 feet which it is then able to start climbing itself to reach a height of sixty eight miles! passengers will experience zero gravity and the cabin has been designed for passengers to experience Zero gravity as well which is incredible.

Maybe in the not so distant future you will find yourself with one of our gorgeous oriental escorts flying in zero gravity until then we can only wait with our feet firmly on the ground for an amazing breakthrough within flight.