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Rock of ages with a beautiful escort

Rock of ages

Always depressing to get back into the week after a really good weekend, i know i really enjoyed mine, i went out and had a few (too many) drinks and had a great time. so you can see my misfortune when waking up Monday morning and knowing that i have to go back to work. what i really need is like a mid week perk to look forward to, a midweek perk is an activity or event for the middle of the week, it helps you break up the 5/6 block days of work into smaller individual pieces. so anyway i went fishing around for mine and really pessimistically went through all of the things going on in London, until i saw one great idea which would send me on some high hopes and help me get through the rest of this week.

I went on the ticket master website to see if there was a live band on who seemed interesting enough to go and see, then i stumbled across the ‘Rock Of Ages’ musical, this does really look good. Based on classic hits from the 1980’s, the hit musical has two acts in it. it is about an aspiring rocker Drew Broley who works as a busboy in the Bourbon room, Drew falls in love with a girl named Sherrie who has just moved from Kansas and gets his boss to hire her as a waitress. you may be wondering how i know this already but i have just read a bit of an article on it online. I’ve refused to read the rest because i don’t want to spoil myself because I’m going to buy a ticket for Wednesday night.

So hopefully the show will be really good and i enjoy myself a lot, i think with this show already getting excellent reviews and such positive feedback i can’t go wrong with this one. and also to ensure the quality of the night i am going to invite my friends to come to this mid week do as well. i might even put it up a notch and tell my mates to bring a girl with them each, then there’s room for me to book an amazing playful Asian escort. sneakily i have done this before, i have booked an escort when we were meant to bring a girl to an event, i used Ling because she is so naturally beautiful and also she is so professional and amazing at acting out that she’s generally my girlfriend, i can’t wait to see her again so this could be a perfect time for it. I’ll let you know how it goes!