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Make Your School Chums Green with Envy at Your Reunion

Private schools in England offer a high standard of education. They place much emphasis on creating well-rounded young adults. Unfortunately, if you were never quite able to conform, you might not have the fondest memories of your high school.
Heading off to your school reunion can leave you with a mixed bag of emotions. Things are very different now. You’re not a gawky teen with the stutter.
You’ve got it all – the flashy car, the big house, and the successful career. Everything, that is, except for a partner to show off to your peers. That’s just one thing you’ve sacrificed for your successful career. You always thought that you’d have time for that later.
Your time’s run out – you just received your invitation for your ten-year reunion, and it’s a few weeks away. Or perhaps it’s not a school reunion at all, but a critical dinner you need to attend. The point is you need an impressive date in a hurry.

What Do You Do?

Hiring a professional escort is a time-honoured tradition in situations like these. It’s not quite as good as having a real fiancé on your arm, but it’s far better than going in alone. Naturally, to fool anyone, you’re going to need to get the story down pat.

Tips to Help You Pull Off the Illusion

Start your search by looking at the ladies on the site. Find one that you like the looks of and then get in touch. Where most people go wrong is that they book the escort for the night of the event. The downside of this is that you only meet when you get to your function.
You may give your escort a cover story. Being a consummate professional, your companion plays her role, but you’re not likely to fool many. It’ll usually be evident that the two of you have never met. This could be because of a lack of chemistry, or just your body language.
A better way to go about this is to start earlier in the process. Book an appointment with the escort well in advance of the reunion. This appointment will help you see whether you’ve got any chemistry.
You’re not entering into a relationship, but there should at least be some sort of spark. Spend some time talking to your escort and see if there’s anything that you have in common. Did you grow up in the same area, go to the same restaurants, and so forth? Having common references makes it easier to come up with a plausible background story.

Final Notes

A professional escort will dress to your specifications and follow your lead. You can have a beautiful woman on your arm at your reunion or essential dinner. The key to selling the story is in finetuning the details ahead of time.
By setting up at least one meeting before the night, you can check the chemistry and set up your background story.