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Halloween special!

Halloween special!

Halloween is the topic of this blog article and with London being the centre of all entertainment in the UK why would you not want to venture into the glorious capital and have yourselves a spooky bash worth remembering. once again though, with such a booming city how do you decide to spend your night with all of the activities going on? well how about we do the hard work for you and give you a few options which you could easily consider to be the best Halloween party for London, all you have to do is consider using one of our stunning gorgeous Playful Asian Escorts to accompany you to these events.

So the first one to start off with is a real winner in it’s own rights and due to it’s track record it’s always worth a mention when it holds a one off event, of course this is Cafe Mambo. Cafe Mambo has also brought in some very special DJ’s as if they’re stringing in favours, one for example is the essential house mastermind Sander Kleinenberg. Sander is one of the best house DJ’s around and will be your pilot for the night if you attend this amazing event.

What about Club de Fromage if you’re the type of person that likes putting on their Adidas originals and doing up their top button. pumping classic indie-themed ballads and as well as that pushing cheesy classics to the limit, if you go expect to be listening to The Beatles and Blur one minute but then Stevie Wonder and Elvis the next! prepare to go into a chilled and silly atmosphere when you ball into this place as Fromage always knows how to bring in a happy, jolly crowd. this definitely is the place where you’ll be hearing Halloween anthems like ‘Thriller’, ‘Monster mash’ and the one and only Ghost busters theme tune.

Still not convinced as if you’re some sort of Halloween Scrooge? well then it seems that the only way to get that frown off your face would be to got to the Random Magic Halloween special. Random Magic are some very infamous and mischievous club promoters that have been known to throw some of the most crazy nights in London for the electronic scene, and that’s saying something! with famous DJ’s like Detroit’s FXHE, Bristol’s Futureboogie offers up Maxxi Soundsystem, Hackman and Lukas, while Horse Meat Disco, Luke Solomon, Honey Dijon and Dan Beaumont how could you go wrong. the atmosphere that random magic can gather together is just euphoric, you must try it out!

So with these three massive Halloween nights in London where do you start? well start by getting one of our divine oriental escorts by your side. whatever you do and wherever you go, your pleasure is guaranteed when booking an escort with us!