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Famous Asian Celebrities

Famous Asian Celebrities

In the society that we live in now, we’re a lot more open to other cultures and aren’t afraid to explore and experiment in them. We have said before that women from Asian decent strike us as different people due to their more kind and loving personalities. We have also said that their unique looking appearance keeps us interested as it reflects such a natural beauty. At playful Asian our oriental escorts in London have the most amazing looks and figures so that you can gaze upon them for hours and not get bored of their unique sex appeal. Our escorts know how to behave or satisfy clients on a first meeting. You can enjoy your time with our girls and you can get health benefits of sex therapy by asian escorts.

But who do our girls contend with? Who is known as the most beautiful girl from Asian descent? Here is a quick list of girls we believe are the best looking Asian Actresses, let’s hope that we get it right and don’t miss anyone out.

First of all out of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is Isabella Leong, this gorgeous actress was born on june 23, 1978 in Macau, China and has played some amazing characters in some amazing movies. But she is incredibly beautiful. Next would have to be Jamie Chung, mostly known for her role in both MTV’s ‘The real world’ and ‘Sucker punch’ Jamie Chung is one of the most beautiful actress’ around right now. Don’t believe us? check out some of her work and try to tell us otherwise! Grace Park is also just an unbelievably beautiful Asian actor that has had star roles in ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’, Grace has just one of the most incredible bodies with a piercingly gorgeous smile. What about actress and producer Maggie Q? Maggie Q has a flawless appearance which is just so pretty you can’t help but admire it, she is almost as beautiful as our Asian escorts in London. Maggie Q has appeared in such movies as Die hard 4.0, mission impossible 2 and priest.

There are many more which we could’ve said, to name a few Ming-Na Wen, Maggie Cheung, Li Gong, Yifei Liu and so on. If you’re in the mood to experience one of these gorgeous A-list celebs then why not book an appointment with one of our Japanese or Chinese escorts in London? Our girls have the beauty of the most elite models and celebrities so you feel like royalty as you spend you time with them.