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Double Trouble

As you know we wrote a Blog article just recently asking ‘why pick just one escort when you could have two?’ well we have a gorgeous selection of three different duo girls that you could pick from. So have a look through them! we guarantee you that you’ll just love these girls. Remember, double the girls then double the love. You can’t help but want to get stuck in the romance of a date between three people. Imagine leaving a session feeling twice as satisfied as you would normally, that’s what a date with a duo has been described like. Don’t wait around when you could get this feeling for a very competitive price. What price you ask? from as little as £280 an hour you could have an experience of ultimate pleasure. You will receive nothing but ultimate satisfaction during a session with playful Asian. Book two of our gorgeous oriental escorts best incall services in London.

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So what are you waiting for then? have one of the most unforgettable Christmas’ with Playful asian escorts. Our Japanese escorts in London are exactly what you need when you’re looking for the most heavenly experience possible. Don’t sit around whilst someone else books these oriental delights. Contact us now.