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Comedy store


Here’s one for you guys who are quickly looking for an activity, maybe you’ve got a date and no idea what to do or maybe you didn’t do anything over the weekend and want a quick fix of something to do to level out the boredom… or best possible scenario is that you want to take out a playful Asian escort to something interesting. well look no further because London always has something to do so how about going out for a good old fashioned laugh and a giggle. if you haven’t been already then head on down to the comedy store where comedy is always on the agenda and you’ll always be entertained with what you can do.

So tomorrow is like any other day for the comedy store with only the best of live acts, the one and only Chris Ramsey will take to the stage to have you in in stitches. known for funny things like being ‘sent off’ the soccer AM sofa for being mischievous, Chris is a barrel of fun and the time you’ll spend watching him will fly until you’re at the end wishing you had a back stage VIP pass. Chris Ramsey is also well known for the bits that he has done in various T.V. series’ such as Keith lemons amazingly funny show ‘celebrity juice’ and the hysterical Jimmy Cars show ‘eight out of ten cats’. Chris came back from a sell out tour and on top of that a twice extended 2012 tour and is really feeling it! He is now coming into a brand new tour for 2013/14 and is really ready to rumble.

Chris is also famous for his role in wonder show Hebburn, in the funky sitcom he is known by the name of jack. This may be the only opportunity you get to see this fine rising comedian so don’t pass up on the chance when you know that you have it. make a night of it! get out for a fine meal first, go to the show and be laughing in pieces and then go back out afterwards in the clubs with a nice friendly crowd, now how does that sound? its sounds absolutely perfect to me. so where do you go from here? well your first point of call I’d say is get on to the comedy club website and get yourself a ticket, then for company get one of our stunning and sexy girls, with such amazing customer care we will always do our best to get you some company on such late notice!