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All you need to know about Dongguan Delight Escort Services

DongGuan style service

If you had the pleasure to visit China, you must have come across the term “Dongguan” or the famous DG style. If you are quite active in the erotic sense of services offered by the Internet, you must be aware that the Dongguan Delight or DG styleis quite famous in the Chinese escort industry. Let us help you get an in-depth understanding of the same.

What is Dongguan Delight?

The famous Dongguan Delight or DG style is a type of specialized escort services in the province of Dongguan, China. Typically, it is known to contain as many as 36 types of different erotic moves or steps –all of these lasting for a minimum duration of 2 hours. There are some specialized service providers offering the DG style services involving more than 36 moves. Amongst all such moves, Cat Bath is the most famous and a highly preferred move by the customers out there. Some of the additional moves in a typical Dongguan Delight service (莞式服务) are:

  • Handstand BJ (Blowjob)
  • Hot Tea Service
  • Rimming Services
  • Shower Services
  • Front-side Services
  • Back-side services

For delivering the highly erotic Dongguan Delight services, the girls offering them are usually trained for around 1-3 months by some famous, recognized massage parlor in the area. After receiving the intense training, the girls are referred to as DG Style Masseuse. Only after receiving this recognition, the girls can look forward to delivering the professional style of DG Style services.

The city of Dongguan in China is known for its sex industry. Unlike the traditional sex industry, here, the services offered by the hot, sexy girls are more about ensuring intimate sexual intercourse of the clients. More than 95 percent of the girls offering Dongguan Delight services are under the age of 24 years.Before the introduction of the anti-vice scan in 2014, Dongguan in China has been the top-favorite place for men from all around the world. Even until now, there are high-end erotic services to enjoy and the sauna area of the place is the core focus.

History Behind Dongguan Delight

The story of the Dongguan Delight services originated from the small town of Dongguan in China. Due to the presence of several massage parlors, karaoke bars, hotels, and saunas, the town of Dongguan earned itself the reputation of being the “sex capital” of China. The city of Dongguan is famous for its sex trades because of two major reasons:

  • Its unique geographic location –Located just east of the country’s Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is located 50 kilometers south of Guangzhou and 90 kilometers north of Shenzhen. As the city plays a vital role in connecting major cities like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, it experiences the inflow of a large number of potential customers for the sex trade in the city. Being home to as many as 6 million migrant workers from all around the country, the city features several hotels that serve as the focal point of the high-end Dongguan Delight services (莞式服务) .
  • Relaxation of Regulations in the Sex Industry in Dongguan: While prostitution is illegal in China, cities in the country like Dongguan have gained popularity as being the “sex capital” of the country since the time of the late 1900s. It is assumed that there are as many as 300,000 sex workers in Dongguan alone.

Where is Dongguan Located?

“The term “Dongguan Delight” is derived from the name of the city of Dongguan in China. Dongguan is a first-tier Chinese city located in the central province of Guangdong. Dongguan is an important industrial center along the lines of the Pearl River Delta and is known to border some of the important corporate areas of China. The city is referred to as China’s sex capital with its impressive prostitution industry featuring erotic massage parlors, brothels, sex hotels, nightclubs, karaoke bars, and sauna centers. The sex industry in Dongguan is known to contribute to as much as 20-30 percent of the total output of the service industry in the city and employs around 500,000 to 800,000 people. Dongguan is also home to the largest shopping mall (though empty most of the times) in the world –New South China Mall.”

What is Dongguan Style Service Known for?

In Dongguan, the saunas and sex hotels in the city are known for its single aspect –for around 400-600 yuan, a sex worker will be willing to provide around 15-30 different types of sex-related services to the clients for around two hours at a stretch. The Dongguan Delight services are quite standardized –right from strip teasing to the expression of the sex workers to the number of times the customer would climax. The Dongguan style service is typically famous for its 36 sets of erotic moves or steps from the sex workers who aim at delighting their customers who pay them for the desired services. Some of the exclusive sauna centers and sex hotels also provide girls providing more than 36 steps to enhance the overall experience.

What are the essential differences between Dongguan (DG) and GFE?

While most of the girls or escorts in China would refer delivering both Dongguan (DG) as well as GFE (Girlfriend Experience) services to the clients, there are some points of differences between the two kinds of escort services. GFE services are mostly based on emotions and meant for someone who had recently undergone a breakup or is feeling lonely & distraught in life. The escorts delivering GFE services usually refrain themselves from getting involved erotically with the client. They prefer going out on dinner dates, special events or parties, and even a short vacation.

On the other hand, Dongguan (DG) Delight services are all about pleasing the client erotically. Using a series of erotic moves and steps, it is the duty of the escorts or call girls delivering DG services to satiate the sexual needs of the customers with new, innovative steps and Love sex toys.

How Popular is DG Style Service?

While most of the western people might not be aware of the DG style services, it is quite common as well as popular in Asian countries –especially China. Being the sex capital of China, Dongguan is famous for its erotic series of services involving the provocative DG style service. As the city of Dongguan is an industrial hub of the country, it witnesses the inflow of millions of migrants as well as clients from all around the country. With most of them being men, Dongguan style services are huge in demand amongst these clients.

What service list is included in the Dongguan Style Service?

Dongguan Delight is known for its erotic range of services to the clients. Involving as many as 36 steps, and sometimes, even more, the DG style service is known for the following types of moves or services:

  1. Prime Time –involving chatting, drinking, undressing, and footwear, along with air conditioning as well as steam
  2. Jincheng Tangchi –asking if the clients would like to wash the hair
  3. Goldstone –Reminding the clients to slip quite carefully and accompanying in the client steam
  4. Fenghua Xueyue – introducing the process of the entire service along with preparing for the respective service supplies
  5. Gold Jade –Using a self-touching method of doing the massage
  6. Gemstone massage –Aiding the guests massage the shower gel during shower with a proper massage service
  7. Jinfeng Yulu –Waving, Mao, PI GU,
  8. Daily Updates –Washing the customers with warm water and washing oneself
  9. Rich & Auspicious –Doing Fu-style right from ear to the foot while shaving the guests’ thighs
  10. East Altitude Rod –Involving the classic Four Dragon blow along with other moves including spin dragon, deep dragon, swing dragon, and experience dragon
  11. Drunken Golden paper fans –Kissing the behind as well as the scrape along with back five, delivering kisses from PI GU up to the legs, doing Dulong
  12. Jingdong Drilling –Offering cat-style blowing Xiao and guiding the guests to get up from their underarms and drilling the delicate, sensitive parts while doing the Dulong
  13. Golden Dragon going out to the sea –Lying down drunken 360 degrees with rotating kissing & blowing Xiao
  14. Golden Cat Thrill –Implementing the drill from the back portion up to the front for DAN DAN as well as touching sensitive parts
  15. Golden gun Thrill –Blowing Xiao in cat-style while helping the guests to blow out water HAN inside girls’ mouth
  16. Water hibiscus –helping the guests in flushing as well as drying the guests to go to the bed
  17. Relieving Old Dreams –Scraping &Rubbing the feet and ears and delivering manicure services
  18. Across the handcuffs –Relaxing the feet through a sensual massage
  19. The top Circuit –Waving and pushing the body to the chest and kissing the egg while turning over and doing the dragon steps
  20. The Similar Line –Pushing the oil across the shoulder to the foot and massaging properly
  21. Youlong Jinfeng –Doing ass legs and body actions
  22. Traveling Across the world –Massaging and Pushing the oil from the buttock to the feet and doing massage
  23. Korean Style –Scraping from the ear to the foot along the line waist
  24. Golden Body Hugging & Cupping –involving 360 degrees screwing the meat for sucking up the cupping
  25. High Mountain Water –Using ice water & warm water to flow down the fart
  26. Wind & Snow Moon –Involving activities like sucking, scrapping, swinging, rotating, and doing a top dragon drill
  27. Reversing the Qiankun –Holding the guests for flirting and asking for advice
  28. Affection –delivering love from ear up to the foot and scraping thighs
  29. Catwoman Special Phoenix Dance –includes Self-touching as well as oiling for seduction
  30. Dan Feng Chaoyang –the girls Lift the butts of the guests on the leg and hitting the plane
  31. I wish to advance East –Involving Four dragons blowing Xiao and cat-style blowing Xiao
  32. Zhulian Bi –includingWave pushing the upper body and self-touching for seducing the guests
  33. Little Girl Smashing the Gun –the girl lying down as well as lifting the thighs of the clients and rubbing the client’s thighs
  34. Upside down &gold hook –the wall being upside down as well as 360 degrees blowing Xiao
  35. Fishing at the Sea’s bottom–riding upon the client’s body while implementing the solitaire
  36. Fragrant shower baths –involving warm showers for a fragrant experience

Some of the enticing services that fall under the category of the 36 moves are:

  • Foot Massage Technician (masseuse) Services
  • Flower fragrant bath massages
  • Dance & Surprising –seducing, erotic dancing, lovemaking, or rape-style blowjob
  • Warm washing –after BJ, the girls are known to hold warm water in their mouth and give BJ to the clients continuously for one minute for giving a warm massage and clean-up
  • Warm shower in a water bed –wiping the client’s body with warm movements and massaging by feet, buttocks, and breasts. Other moves involve licking, sucking, swinging, and probing.
  • Back service in bed –chatting and delivering a hot, sensuous, erotic full-body massage in bed. Genuine erotic methods involving warm water, icy water, vibrators, rubber candy, and anal beads.
  • Front-side service in bed –full-end body-to-body massage of the client’s front body by rubbing breasts, buttocks, and legs over the body of the client. Saying the client to close his eyes, and changing to some set of erotic wear. Lovemaking in as many as 16 positions from the front side.

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