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A quiet one at Mr. Foggs

A quiet one at Mr. Foggs

I had a pleasantly calm night out on Friday it was really smart and very elegant, one of those nights when you wake up in the morning not with a heavy head but only a bit fatigued and your mind is filled with pretty memories and funny actions. I had decided to go out with a playful Asian escort too and it sweetened the deal because it helped me unwind for what I decided to be the most tranquil weekend I would have for a while. just briefly I would like thank playful for the service I got, I went onto the website, looked through each and every gorgeous escort, and by twenty minutes I had already made my enquiry and not long after that I had received confirmation that my booking was secure, great service for someone who doesn’t really know what to expect they really make it simple.

For the night I had booked Osawa, a gorgeous oriental flower at the age of 20 and then swiftly made a meeting at Mr. Foggs in the Mayfair area, the scenery was very enjoyable for me, very antique like and who doesn’t admire a good old English themed venue. the bar has quite a following due to their superior knowledge within creating cocktails, the bar men and women are expert mixologists. the cocktails are strong, flavoursome and bursting with booze which is what we all like! on top of this the crowd in the bar was very nice, really helped the atmosphere, it was the type of crowd where you could go up to anyone and make polite conversation with them be it general chit chat or anything. going away from Mr. Foggs, Osawa was really lovely, great woman and I had a great laugh and to be blunt I was not expecting her to come out of her shell as much as she did. I expect escorts to be quite shy and only speak to who they’ve booked with however there were many occasions throughout the night where Osawa brought people over to our table, got up and had a dance and get everyone singing! she really was the life of the party and helped me enjoy the night a lot more than I would’ve done if she wasn’t there.

Top marks for her. It got near to the end of the night and we stayed in Fogg’s for all of it, because of the positive surroundings, great company and drinks it would’ve been stupid to leave and the best part of it was the fact that it wasn’t an event where I come home smelling of both sweat and Martini, like I said earlier it was very laid back….. well done Mr. Foggs, very impressed. when we had got back to mine Osawa really showed me her passionate side, I was amazed at how intimate of a person she actually is so to my surprise when she showed it me I was very happy. all in all a great night for me, credit goes to both Playful Asian for their lovely oriental escort, and Mr. Foggs for a great venue, check them both out.