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9 Amazing Stories: While I Booked an Escort in London

Every man’s first experience or a regular visit to an escort is unique and some hold it precious. London is a great city to visit and spending time with an escort in this beautiful city will be worthwhile. Many people share their experiences as a story and it makes an interesting read.

If you have never tried hiring an escort then read the stories shared by others. Maybe you will love these stories so much that you end up hiring a gorgeous and sensual escort.

  1. It all happened too quickly for me to even explain. My name is Bob and I was in London for the first time. I went to a spa and there on the notice board in small print was an offer for erotic massage. This offer intrigued me as I had never had an erotic massage before. I have to say it was the best experience of my life. The erotic massage was great, but what happened later was the best. The masseuse also works as an escort in London from an agency of Top British Escorts and she willingly offered her services. I am single and was happy with the offer. The hard work literally drains me. I used the spa to rejuvenate and then went back to have a good time. I have never had so many orgasms in a single night!
  2. My wife gifted me sex for my birthday! It may sound astonishing and unbelievable but it is true. She surprised me out of my skin. Well, she hired an escort and said ‘Jerry, I have a surprise for you and it is a woman’. I thought I am possessed and hearing things. It was true and she was generous enough to even book a room for us at a plush hotel in London. The surprise got even more enigmatic when the escort stepped in wearing skimpy lingerie underneath her coat. She looked like a diva out of Playboy magazine. I had the most amazing sex with her in my life and later I made my wife the happiest woman on earth by giving her several orgasms.
  3. My name is Peter, an African-American, and a heavily built person. Not every woman fancies or even likes me. I found it very difficult to gain acceptance into the world of women. I visited London recently and had the best experience of my life. I hired an escort from a reputed agency and she willingly took me in. I was a virgin till that day and I realized why men run after sex so much. It is not overrated; in fact, it is a sheer pleasure to spend time in a woman’s arms. I have spent time with three different women in one week in London and cannot wait to hire more escorts and experience other things that they have to offer.
  4. For me, sex was just a physical exercise to release my stress. And, after a decade of my marriage, it had become a routine. It was something that I could not do without or do with. In London, the city that I visit frequently, I went with a friend to an escort agency. Actually he wanted to hire an escort and convinced me to be party to it. Very reluctantly I agreed and the escort also realized it. But she was so amazing that she made me feel comfortable instantly. I am not joking when I say that the escort turned out to be a sex goddess. The kind of sex I had with her was not repetitive and I felt young and vivacious again. The blow job just blew me off. Well, I learnt many new things to revive my mundane and dull marriage!
  5. I come from Down Under if you know what I mean. I was tired of earning and paying taxes. I was in London in the prestigious Oxford Street and was bored and tired of attending meetings. The receptionist who usually calls me by my first name said ‘John you look tired, would you care for some excitement or sexcitement rather?’ I said yes and within half hour there was a gorgeous woman at my door. I thought she had come to the wrong room, but soon enough she was stripping and I was in bed with her within no time. The sex was amazing. I lost count of the number of times I climaxed. I took down the details of the girl, who happens to be a professional escort. I will definitely hook up with her when I returned to London again.
  6. I realized this the ‘hard way’ and yes, I had a hard-on in London and wanted a woman desperately. A friend suggested that I should hire an escort to cool off the sausage in my pants and literally it would have been on fire if I did not hire an escort. She was a beautiful Japanese girl and this was my first with an Asian chick. Oh my god! That was my response after the first time with her. I wanted more and more but I lost steam. After everything, she gave me a blow job along with a lovely body-to-body massage!
  7. My name is Sherry and I was with my boring girlfriend and had boring sex with her in London. I suggested that we should have a threesome and maybe it can reignite the spark in our relationship. I suggested hiring a bisexual escort. She agreed although she was apprehensive and lo! She could not handle the competition from another woman and both were doing their best to please me. One was down and other on top and the repeated blow jobs were too good. In fact, I am all wet just writing this story. I suggest that everyone should try it once in their life.
  8. I was about to get married (crucified) in a month and wanted to have a bachelor party in London. My friends brought this escort to a stag party which surprised me. But then after spending time with her talking, I was desperate to get between her legs. Even before I realized, we were on the bed having amazing sex and lovely time together. She had a great sense of humour and I laughed most of the time I spent with her. I got crucified a happy and satisfied man the following day!
  9. Sometimes, when you are feeling low and out of sorts, I think hiring an escort can do wonders. That is what drove me into the arms of an elite escort in London. I hired her from an agency that I found on the internet. She looked good in the pictures and she was even better looking in person. I could not stop admiring her, especially when she was naked. Nor did I think about my worries when I penetrated her.


If you have a story about an escort and your rendezvous with her, then you should definitely share it. Not only will it make an interesting read for others, it will also make you happy reliving those sensual and exciting moments.