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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit London Once In A Life

10 Reasons

London was the world’s largest metropolis; it is still a huge place if it is your first visit. It is also one the world’s capitals of finance, fashion, arts, and entertainment. This is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights, attractions, and activities. With so much to do, in the city it is hard to cut down the long list of reasons to visits, but below you will find top 10 reasons to visit this city once in your lifetime.

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1)     Theatres in London: The first and foremost reason would be London theatre; it has the best theatre scene in the world. It attracts acting talent; you can see famous persons in the stage. Open up your camera and take a lovely picks here.

2)     Food and drink in London: Take a journey around the city check out the city’s diverse restaurants, rooftop bars, riverside pubs, champagne bars.

3)     Best views of London: There are plenty of iconic places to view, take a look of London from up high at locations such as View from the Shard or the London Eye.

4)     Shopping in London: You will be confused to choose when shopping in the city. There are lot of stores on Oxford Street, London’s market, Haroods and Westfield Stratford.

5)     Sport in London: This city attracts the biggest sports events in the world. Take a tour to Wembley Stadium, Lord’s Cricket Ground, or Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

6)     Parks and Outdoor: It is a dream world to nature lovers. It contributes 8 beautiful Royal Parks such as, Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Hampstead Health, Kew or Chelsea Physic Garden.

7)     London’s River:It is a city’s top tourist attraction. River bus service and river tours are best to enjoy the view through water source.

8)     The Nightlife:There is everything to enjoy the night like, classic pubs, chic clubs, dive bars, theatres packed with Hollywood starts etc.

9)     The People: The city is fabulous and beautiful because of the people living there, they are friendly, doing great things to the city.

10)Home of Shakespeare:London is a home of Shakespeare. No visit to London could be complete without taking in either a play, a Shakespearean piece in the Globe Theatre with your hired girl will uplift the mood.

These are some of the best reasons among numerous other reasons to visit the beautiful, vibrant city in the world. Enjoy the best time in the city of dreams once in your lifetime, to complete all your dreams from your bucket list.