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10 Best Sex Positions for Couples

10 Best Sex Positions for Couples

Sex is important for a healthy relationship. It’s fun, crazy, wild, passionate, and exhilarating. In fact, it’s best if you master the right sex positions. Not every sex position works for every couple. You need to keep trying till you find the one that turns on you and your partner the most. For that, you need to know different sex positions. In this article, we discuss some of the best sex positions for couples.

These sex positions will help you spice up things in the bedroom and have an intense orgasm. They will help you connect with your partner on a more intimate level. So, let’s have a look at them without wasting any more time.

  • Women On Top: This sex position works for most couples. It is one of the best sex positions if you like your lady to be in control. Let your girl be on the top and have fun. You can move your hands freely while she pleases you. Getting an adrenaline rush? Well, that’s how sexy this position is. Imagine grabbing those buttocks while she showers you with kisses.
  • Missionary Position: This one is known to all, it’s a position where men are on top. For guys who love being dominant in bed, this position is the best. It will let you have full control of your lady as you bend down to please her. From kissing her neck to fondling her breasts, you can make your lady have the best orgasm of her life. Women also love this position as it makes them feel desired and loved by their partner.

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  • Sixty-Nine: In this fantastic position, both partners can please each other simultaneously. Instead of one person doing all the work, this position allows both lovers to take the lead. If you both love oral sex, you should try sixty-nine. You’re likely to enjoy it very much.
  • Doggy Style: Your sex can get extremely intense and passionate by this rear-entry position. It helps in deeper penetration and easy penetration. Moreover, it allows men to control the pace as per their ladies’ needs. Men can make it more enjoyable by grabbing those breasts while getting inside.
  • Legs Over the Shoulders: This position is loved by most women. In this position, a lady puts her legs over her man’s shoulders. It makes it easier for men to give them oral sex and experience deeper penetration. You can make your girl squirt and moan with this position. So, don’t forget to try it the next time you plan on getting intimate with your girl.
  • Standing Up: Having sex while standing up doesn’t work for every couple. Nonetheless, this position can add spark to your rather dull sex life. If you want to try something different with your partner, go with this position. Caressing your girl while she is pushed against the wall is just amazing. It’s the best for foreplay and making your girl go mad for you.
  • Spooning: Not necessarily a sex position, spooning is something you can try with your partner after having sex. It’s a great way to cuddle with your partner in a relaxing way. Women love it when men care for them after great and tiring sex. You both can just lie in a hugging position, or just lie down and talk, or you can spoon your girl. She will love it.
  • Reverse Cowgirl: It’s again a woman on top position, but this time your girl is lying on the top facing her back towards you. It’s a unique position that doesn’t involve eye contact. Nonetheless, it works for couples who love trying different things in bed. So, if you love being experimental when it comes to physical intimacy, you must go for the reverse cowgirl position.
  • The Pretzel: Not many couples are aware of this position. Nonetheless, it’s a great sex position that isn’t so uncomfortable and difficult to try. In this position, your girl will lie down by your side with one leg outstretched and wrapped around your waist. Her other leg will remain on the bed, and you can easily grab her raised leg as you enter her.


Sex is something that makes a relationship going. It’s very important that you keep trying new things in bed to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. One way to spark up physical intimacy with your partner is to use sex toys. But if sex toys don’t work for you for some reason, you can try different sex positions. repeating the same positions can make your sex life boring. It won’t let your partner crave for more or have the best orgasm of their life.

Nonetheless, you can experiment with different sex positions to see what works to keep the spark alive between you and your lover. We have discussed some of the amazing sex positions in this article that can make you go crazy. From doggy style to sixty-nine, all the sex positions mentioned above are incredibly sexy. Try them out with your partner and take your sex game to the next level.